European Centre of Tourism and Business Promotion in Dubai
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About the Company


Dubai - Business and Tourism in the UAE
PROMOTOR invites you to visit the office of  The European Centre of Promotion of Tourism and Business in Dubai, located at 66e Grabiszyńska St in Wrocław.
We are the only company in Europe possessing offices in the typical Arabic style - the décor, decorations, souvenirs from the Emirates create the atmosphere typical of Dubai. We offer fully professional and comprehensive services in the scope of organisation of business meetings, tourist trips, sales agency and assistance in the scope of establishing clients' economic activities in the United Arab Emirates.
Our objective is to provide services on the highest level and to interest you not only in this beautiful and friendly country but also in the rapidly developing and prosperous investment market. In the United Arab Emirates we cooperate with professional companies (travel agencies developers, real property agencies, law firms and advisory companies, etc.), which enables us to provide professional services in the scope of (inter alia) real property, sales agency and advisory as well as comprehensive legal services.

We would like to encourage everybody interested in travelling to the United Arab Emirates, whether for tourist or business reasons, to get familiar with our rich offer. We guarantee professional and reliable service. The décor of our office is an additional asset.

We conduct activities in the scope of:

Business and investments in Dubai:

  1. Detailed information on possibilities of investment in the UAE: real property, commerce, services, etc.
  2. Organisation of business trips to Dubai;
  3. Organisation of participation in fairs and stands during fairs (our company may organise a company stand on your behalf);
  4. Assistance in verification of contracting parties in the UAE;
  5. Agency in sales contacts with contracting parties from the UAE;

 More information is available in: Business and investments

 Establishing a company

  1. Information on establishing a company or an agency of the Polish company in the UAE (advisory in the scope of selection of the best form of activities);
  2. Comprehensive assistance in establishing and registering a company; 
  3. Agency in the scope of establishment of a company

More information is available in: Establishing a company

Real property in the UAE - Abu Dhabi:

  1. Advisory in the scope of real property:  purchase, sale and rent (assistance in the selection of the best location);
  2. Offers of apartments, villas, offices and commercial premises for sale;
  3. Offers of apartments, villas, offices and commercial premises to let;
  4. Offers of purchase of apartments, villas, offices and commercial premises;

All offers are from the primary and secondary market.

More information is available in:  Real property             


  1. Detailed tourist information on Dubai - the most beautiful places, the biggest attractions, detailed costs of trips and tours, where to go and which travel agency to choose, what to visit, what can you do and what should you be careful about while visiting the UAE and Dubai, what accommodation to choose - hotels or apartments;
  2. Possibility of booking a trip on any dates; 
  3. Possibility of reservation or purchase of additional tours, e.g.

Dubai CITY TOUR , Burji  Ararab - Dinner/Lunch , Burji Kalifa - Dinner / Lunch , Safari ,  DUBAI  Dolphin - Atlantis , Ferrari  World Theme Park - Abu  Dhabi ,etc.;

  1. Possibility of reserving a car with a driver in Dubai;
  2. Special VIP offers;

More information is available in: Tourism

If you are interested in more detailed information, visit our office or contact us by e-mail.